It’s Not Always About Length


There’re more to hair extensions than adding length. Too many people I encounter both at the salon or elsewhere, are turned off by ‘extensions’ as they immediately associate it with something that’s not for them, hair and/or damage. And, well, since not everyone has the need for long platinum hair down their back, the number one need and desire for woman (and some enlightened men) is in fact thickness– in their hair. It can’t be denied that having full, thick and healthy short hair is much more attractive and put together than long, thin and brittle hair.

We all know someone who hangs on to their locks for dear life and sacrifices their total look for their personal attachment to the length. Don’t make that mistake. You might see length and think that’s key, but the true secret to looking healthy and youthful is thick hair. None of us have the hair we once had when we were little girls, so to ignore that fact and carry on as though, does you no justice. This is why we need to adapt to the changes by acquiring a new regimen. You can have all the fillers, injectables, lifts and lasers done to your face, but nothing compares to having healthier and thicker hair. There’s no worth getting anything else done if you’re neglecting your hair.

Good hair is an asset. It represents health, youth and status. Moreover, healthy and thick hair empowers you. Not only is there something to that feeling of your hair touching your shoulders but the often overlooked magic lies in the weight from the volume of your hair. Most women aren’t even aware of this phenomenon. They have never felt this ultra feminine power.

Part of why I love helping my clients by using bonded extensions, is because I get to introduce this feeling to them for the first time in their lives. I can’t describe it accurately enough, but everyone feels it upon completion of their service. I have been blessed with naturally thick hair and have always been privy to such a feeling, but the feeling is even greater when I get the chance to pass it on to a client. Feeling the bounce, movement and texture from thicker hair offers instantaneous joy. Moreover, your hair doesn’t stick to your face or head when it’s not styled, which accentuates all the wrong features on your face, and it goes up easier in a bun or ponytail. Thicker hair can even benefit from more beautiful color effects than thin, limp hair. Ask a colorist. They can simply be more technical and show off their work more on thicker hair. When I add more hair to a client’s head, I can do more in terms of color than they would be able to acquire otherwise. The same goes for when I’m cutting hair. I’m able to provide far more options and essentially a more valuable, and technical cut on thicker hair.

Let it be known that the difference between a thickening and lengthening service is quite substantial. The latter is almost double the price as it requires double the amount of hair and work, whereas the former can be more affordable for many and far less time consuming. Ideally, thickening is an option worth maintaining and incorporating into your beauty regimen. Why not wake up with thicker hair and experience something new? I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing and being responsible for the positive effect extensions have on so many women’s lives by ‘filling’ in that gap. Although it is impossible to fully grasp the magnitude of associated benefits before you try, I’m here to tell you that a hair extension thickening service is completely worth doing.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Watch The Process


In today’s day and age, there exists two types of women: the type who wear hair extensions, and those who don’t know enough about them.

So, here it is. Your chance to finally understand the process by taking a look behind the scenes of receiving Great Length Hair Extensions by me.

Great Lengths is a strand-by-strand method that can be worn for months at a time and done continuously. Each tiny strand matches the existing density of your own hair. This means every application is custom-tailored to each client. This ensures complete comfort and zero stress or damage to the hair or scalp. They come in a wide range of colors and effects to match either your exact existing or desired color.


1. Prior to appointment day, we have a thorough consultation. Desired hair length, density and colors are determined and ordered.

2. I cut the strands and blend the colors to match your existing color and density

3. On appointment day, hair is gently clarified to remove all impurities and build-up on the hair to ensure long-lasting attachment.

4. Hair is dried and extensions are added one at a time in organized horizontal rows around the head. Kept away from you hair-line and the very top of the head, extensions are invisible.

5. Once attached, extensions are cut to either match your existing cut or to create a completely new style.

6. Hair is finally styled using any tool be it a blow dryer, curling iron or flat-iron.

7. The maintenance consists of nothing more than daily brushing at the attachment area of extensions with the designated Great Lengths Extensions brush.

8. Hair remains attached until removed by me. They last anywhere from 3-4 months depending on your hair type.

Still curious? Watch me perform the whole process here.